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It's linear, slightly nauseating and only useful for extreme heat imo.I See this perfume acclaimed alot, so decided to check it out.This expanded dramatically on earlier forays into feminine and masculine accords blending more prominently, Roucel taking a strong floral middle with a heavy lotus strain mixed with an Eternity synthetic green accord but going much lighter and flightier by injecting mimosa and musk instead of a stronger base of woods, vetiver or sandalwood that was so standard for the era. I dont get the salty-sea note that a lot of people are talking about. I somehow agree with this comparison(they're similar in their dry down)but Benetton live strong lacks green fruity and aquatic vibe,or probably has it in lighter dose,instead has more of musky woody floral blended with spicy citruses but all in all their major difference is in their opening.For its time, this was very original and unique and excels on my skin in extreme heat without being too imposing like Invictus or as complex and herbal as L'Eau d'Issey. Imagine you are sailing on a clean river or walking down the beach, feeling the water breeze, this is how Nautica Voyage smells on me. Add LOTS of yuzu on this and you'd get L'eau d'Issey. If you're looking for a cheap spring,summer cologne which smells clean and refreshing which and doesn't smell cheap both of them would be good choices P.s: it's not a heavy scent,it's fresh and light but I suggest not to overspray doesn't smell good when oversprayed Disgusting SYNTHETIC cheap, pharmacy fragrance... blind purchase because of positive reviews and so cheap (even in Australia).Now that my collection has grown I have no use for it and wonder why the hell i bought it.There are much more interesting colognes out there.Definitely aquatic/cucumber like opening with a sweet apple kick after.

didn't seem to last very long but not gone quick to a skin scent either. I bought this when I first started getting into fragrances and got it mainly based on reviews and the price.The face of the scent is TV host Caster Oosterhouse, a truly romantic person and a good nautician. Nice, good, clean scent to spray on for running errands on a Saturday afternoon.The composition opens with cold, green notes of leaves and apple. great performance - outperforms those costing 5 times as much. I like it vice love it because I do find the scent a little generic (probably ground breaking when it came out, but one of the crowd now...).Nautica Voyage by Nautica transports you to an open-nature shower. He wears what he likes, comfortable clothes mostly from brands like Aeropostale or—we need not to look any further—Nautica.Or any brands that seem to have an unspoken pact to never create androgynous men’s apparel designer houses tailor. Probably he’s the man whose preference girls never doubt, too.

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