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Following that, we will look at using declarative and programmatic means for altering the data displayed and the functionality offered by an ASP. Or we could dictate that only users Tito and Bob were allowed, or indicate that all authenticated users except for Sam were permitted.

In addition to URL authorization, we also looked at declarative and programmatic techniques for controlling the data displayed and the functionality offered by a page based on the user visiting.

The Login View control, which renders different output for authenticated and anonymous users, can be configured to display different content based on the logged in user's roles.

And the Roles API includes methods for determining the logged in user's roles.

For more information on this security recommendation, as well as other security concerns, refer to the Security Question List for ASP. parameter, as this parameter indicates that the user arrived at the login page after attempting to view a page he was not authorized to view.

Figure 4: Only Users in the Administrators Role Can View the Protected Pages (Click to view full-size image) Log off and then log in as a user that is in the Administrators role.

As soon as a match is found, the user is granted or denied access, depending on if the match was found in an URL authorization makes it easy to specify coarse authorization rules that state what identities are permitted and which ones are denied from viewing a particular page (or all pages in a folder and its subfolders).

Let's create a page that lists all of the user accounts in the system in a Grid View.

In the next section we will see how to implement declarative fine grain authorization via the Login View control.

Following that, we will explore programmatic techniques.

This may entail showing or hiding data based on the user's role, or offering additional functionality to users that belong to a particular role.

Such fine grain role-based authorization rules can be implemented either declaratively or programmatically (or through some combination of the two).

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So this cap is meant to reduce the likelihood of exceeding this size limitation.

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