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But your stomach demands that at least one Labor Day weekend you endure a long day's journey to the Orange International Street Fair for a night of street cuisine, from brats to bánhs, funnel cakes to loukoumades, and Irish nachos to Aussie ice cream.Each year the beer-swilling bacchanal at this Bavarian hall in Huntington Beach, one of the largest and longest-lasting in California, starts guzzling in mid-September and doesn't let up until well into November.After your Duffy excursion, get dinner at the Crab Cooker (classic seafood) or Mint Leaf Thai Cuisine (classic delicious) or grab a lighter snack at the Sliding Door Cafe (classic perfection), then gaze in awe at a slow-sinking sunset...from on top of an oversized surfboard affixed with lights on the bottom.

And then, 61 years later, he resigned and flew away from the White House in a helicopter that’s now parked right next to it. It will never have the grandeur of the Hollywood Bowl or the Pantages, but of all the places in OC to see performances, this 14-acre complex is still the poshest by far, and is the best for everything from touring musicals, to opera, to Christmas shows and appearances from Steve Martin and Diana Krall.

Don’t do this for the bucket list; do it for America. Holy crap, lots of 'em -- these Dana Point seamen boast sightings of mega-pods numbering 10,000 strong. But if you're looking for blue or finback whales, ship out in September. If you wait long enough, you might see indie rock in the club-size Samueli Theater, or David Byrne & St.

The frame of this 50-year-old Olde English institution in Corona del Mar actually dates back to the '30s and was once a B&B where Howard Hughes wooed Rita Hayworth, Humphrey Bogart brought Lauren Bacall, and Peter Lorre got hitched. Vincent in the gorgeously glassy Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall.

Your call on the direction: take it South until it ends at the edge of Nixon's coastal retreat in San Clemente, or start there and cruise North to at least Long Beach (though at that point, why wouldn't you just keep going? The willfully ignorant will accomplish this in about an hour or so.

The rest of us will need the weekend to allow time to stop at all the shops and bars and eateries we never knew existed.

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The oldest assemblage of its kind in the country, this brilliantly blinding cruise (started by a transplanted gondolier at the turn of the 20th century) parades out 250-plus festooned vessels.

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