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It’s actually kind of funny; prince type characters are usually so polished and accustomed to their manners that that they’re nigh unflappable (unless the protagonist herself challenges his conventions) – but there’s no rule that says they have to be. Ray’s description is “the extraordinary hardworker,” and to be honest that’s really the extent of his personality.

He works multiple jobs and is constantly doing his best to earn promotions.

There are some weird phrases and word choices, but taking into consideration that the author is not a native English speaker the writing is fantastic (Even after several years of Spanish I can’t imagine how awful I would be at making a game in a different language).

I was initially skeptical about the premise of this game since I’m not religious and thought the game might be a bit preachy, but since the only real moral issue is “don’t cheat on people” (and obviously I can support that idea) it didn’t bother me nearly as much as I feared.

There’s not much of a plot or character development, and the dialog can be a little inane/repetitive, but that’s pretty standard for a dating sim game so I can’t complain too much.

Overall, it’s a fun game and definitely worth playing through a few routes that appeal to you.

Halloween pumpkin unfortunately fallen into a big hole. So help the Halloween pumpkin to escape from the big hole by using some objects from there. So don't miss the objects to collect before you go to further step otherwise you have to fall again into the previous step and collect the objects then play the same steps again.

Keagan’s fear of ghosts (although, to be fair, apparently they exist in this world), his rather unique ideas about how the protagonist could have escaped death in the accident, and his obvious obsession with the color green all prove his adherence to the eccentric archetype. However, he’s regularly making errors that make the protagonist uncomfortable.

In conversations with the protagonist, he is constantly worrying over his job prospects. Honestly, I can’t help but feel like his character would have been more powerful if there was a cutscene in which he describes some noble cause that he was working towards.

Unfortunately, we never learn where all this money is going: just keeping him afloat in our tough economy? Regardless, his work ethic alone earns him his archetype, especially since there’s nothing much else to go on.***SPOILERS***Angelo: Unique Angelo is actually a very unique character, because he fiercely resists becoming attached to the protagonist while still being completely friendly with her.

He’s generally pleasant to talk to, and seems happy (if a little puzzled) about the protagnonist’s miracle recovery.

Cleon: Quiet Type Cleon is the other victim of the protagonist’s car crash.

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Link Walkthrough Link Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim is the only game released by Topaz Shrine.

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