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" Nelly quickly shut down rumors that the two were heading down the aisle in the near future, according to Essence. He posted a photo with a caption that read, "Not yet y'all give us alil mo time..... Deep inside they sense something off-putting in the other.Scorpio will be suspicious of Libra’s desire to flatter and compromise with people, while Libra will find Scorpio’s aggressiveness in poor taste and not at all diplomatic.I would say my nature as a Scorpio was overwhelming and too much for them.Also, my aggressiveness was often offensive (in their eyes) and led to misunderstandings.Being next door neighbors on the zodiac wheel, Scorpio and Libra seem to have a natural ease when relating.These astrology signs are both obsessed with romantic merger and together provide the complete recipe for Love: Libra rules partnership and commitment while Scorpio rules emotion, sex and intimacy. However, all that doesn’t mean that Libra and Scorpio will find love compatibility or sexual compatibility to be a definite lock.

Libra and Scorpio will appreciate that the other is brilliant and open to having intellectual debates.

June 14, 2017: We all heard RUMORS that Ashani used to be with the then-MARRIED mogul Irv Gotti. And he said that he and Nelly were with her “at the same time.” Listen.

One man in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday found that out the hard way, as the entertainer lashed out at a fan who threw bills on the stage of the Neal S.

After one too many nights of Scorpio delving into taboo conversations, sexual aberrations or emotional excess, Libra might pack their bags and leave for a partner a little more “stable.” To Scorpio, after the initial infatuation, Libra might seem cold, fake, superficial and just too damn perfect.

Scorpio will also realize that partnership to Libra is not the same as a deep, intimate connection, which Scorpio yearns eternally for.

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