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A museum, for example, has very different security measures than a Medieval castle, and you’ll find very different enemies in a pyramid than you might in a spaceship.

Assembling pieces of secret codes to solve a bank vault’s cryptogram or positioning tiles to interpret hieroglyphics feel almost like entirely different games.

This gives each palace a sense of identity tied to the target and provides some smart, unpredictable story moments and challenges.

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He would do it all so his friends didn’t worry more than they already had.

He would do it so they didn’t feel an ounce of guiltiness and so that they wouldn’t feel compelled to watch the security footage he knew existed.

When he awakes he's in the body of a boy name King Shimi and what else within the world of persona. Well that's what happens when he steals Nametame's power.

Or maybe be an asshole and fine a way to throw people in.

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