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Another use case could hinge on the mobile version the app.

Imagine two different people in a Blab simultaneously taking viewers backstage at a concert and shooting the stage from the front as the two other video chatters narrate what's going on. I even saw one Blab video chat in which three people were watching and commenting on an MMA event, proving that the app has potential as an easy way to host and watch a wide array of live or recorded events with groups while adding real-time commentary.

But Houseparty does have the advantage of a 20 million user-strong head start.

Provided it can sustain the current engagement, it's not going to be easy for the competition to ignore.

In a way, the app feels kind of like Meerkat or Periscope for groups.

Additionally, because the app has tied itself so closely to Twitter, it's extremely easy to share links on Twitter to a particularly popular Blab video chat, thus increasing the potential virality of any high-profile Blab video chat.

The app also just added a groups feature so you can designate specific friends you chat with frequently.

That may sounds like a whirlwind of high-stakes teen social drama, but Sistani says the app is building off social dynamics that have been in place long before there were ever smartphones.

panel (translation = very fun) — you sign in with your Twitter credentials.

Afterwards, when someone clicks on your name in Blab, they see the handle and bio you've already entered on your Twitter bio.

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