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Over the the first half of the 20th century, several different spelling alphabets came in and out of use.Then, in 1957, Nato and the US introduced a common system, which still remains in use.For instance, “Alpha” means “A,” “Bravo” means B, and so on.Multiple code words often are combined to form words or expressions.For example, to say “dog,” one would say “Delta-Oscar-Golf.” None of the 27 code words sound alike, so there is no doubt what is said when spelling this way.

Venezuelan authorities said they have suppressed a military rebellion near the central city of Valencia, shortly after a small group of men dressed in fatigues released a video declaring themselves in rebellion.Later, in 1927, the International Telegraph Union (ITU) developed a spelling alphabet for telegram communication. By the start of WWII, most commercial airlines around the globe were using the ITU code words.The next major evolution took place in 1941, around the start of the Second World War II.His announcement came after a video emerged showing a group of men in military uniform, who said they were launching an uprising against controversial President Nicolas Maduro to restore democracy.One witness in the area of the military base in the town of Naguanagua reported hearing gunshots before dawn, but Mr Cabello said the situation had been brought under control.

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