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The charts below are excerpts from our Registry database of documented Epiphone guitars, mandolins and amplifiers of the c.1928–1956 era (pre-Gibson).

May ij Ca.: 1864: Box 17 Almanaque: NY, NY: International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation: 1929: Box 328 Amalgamated illustrated Almanac: NY, NY: Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America: 1923-1924: Box 19 American Agriculturist's Almanac: NY: J. Moore: 1848 (Imp.): Box 36 American Ecclesiastical Almanac, for ministers and laymen: NY: Fredk. Schem: Box 36 American Ecclesiastical and Educational Almanac, for Ministers and Laymen: NY: Frederick Gerhard: 1869: Alexander J.

Bailey: 1812, 1815: 10914, 11038: Box 97 Bailey's Washington Almanac: Philadelphia, PA: Lydia R. Bailey, William and Robert Dickson for John Wyeth: 1790, 1796: 10261, 10395: Box 98 Ballston Democrat Supplement.

Bailey: 1824: 11388: Box 97 Baer's Agricultural Almanac: Lancaster, PA: John Baer's Sons: 1973: Box 97 Bairnsla Foak's Annual, an Poogmoor Olemenack: Barnsley, England: John Ray: 1843: Box 97 Bairnsla Foak's Annual, or Poogmoor Olemenack: Leeds, England: 1843, 1854, 1856-1861, 1862 (2), 1863, 1871: Box 97 Ballon Almanac: Philadelphia, PA: Lancaster, PA: F. Illustrated Almanac and Literary Curiosities: Ballston Spa, NY: 1885: Box 98 Ballston Journal Almanac: Ballston Spa, NY: 1881-1883: Box 98 Baltimore Sun Almanac: Baltimore, MD: A. Abell & Co.: 1905 (3), 1906 (4), 1907 (4), 1908-1909, 1910 (3), 1911-1912: Box 98-102 Bancroft's Agricultural Almanack: East-Chelmsford, MA: E. Reinhart: 1826 (2): Box 103 Bank Almanac: Springfield, MA: Springfield National Bank: 1912: Box 103 Banneker's Almanack and Ephemeris: Philadelphia, PA: Joseph Crukshank: 1793 (4 l, missing 16 l): Box 103 Banner Centennial Almanac: Bennington, VT: C. Pierce & Co.: 1876: Box 103 Baptist Almanac: Philadelphia, PA: American Baptist Publication Society: 1851, 1852 (2): Box 33 Baptist Almanac and Annual Register: Philadelphia, PA, American Baptist Publication Society: 1848: Box 32 Barber's Great Western Railroad and Family Almanac: Homer, NY: Dixon & Case: 1850: Box 501 Barker's Illustrated Almanac: Philadelphia, PA: Barker Moore & Mein: 1888, 1898: Box 103 Beadle's Dime Year Book and Almanac: NY, NY: Beadle and Company: 1866 (2): Box 103 Beckwith's Almanac: New Haven, CT [etc.]: Varies: Note: Records showing publisher for each vol.

1860 impf.: Box 40 American Presbyterian Almanac and Family Register: Philadelphia, PA: Tract Publication Committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U. Hanzsche: 1838: Nathan Bassett: Box 43 Ames's Almanack: Boston, MA: Draper & Green and Russell & Fleet: 1759 (3): Box 67-71 Ames. Henchman, etc.: 1761 (7): Box 67-71 An Almanac: NY, NY: Edgar W. An Almanack: Cambridge, United Kingdom: University: 1684: Note: Bound with Bowker Almanack): Box 498 An Almanack: Boston, MA: Nicholas Boone: 1728: Box 16 An Almanack: Boston; Charlestown: B. Phillips: 1706, 1722, 1723: Box 16 An Almanack: Albany, NY: Whiting and Leavenworth: 1802-1804: Isaac Rice: Box 15 An Almanack of Poor Richard the second; or, an Ashonomical Museum: Boston, MA: Andrew Newell: 1802: Box 17 Anderson Improved: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris: Newport, RI: Solomon Southwick: 1773-1775: John Anderson: Box 49 Anderson Revived: the North American Calendar; or an Almanack: Providence, RI: Bennett Wheeler: 1780: John Anderson: Box 49 Anderson Revived: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris: Newport, RI: Henry C.

S.: 1854: Note: In bound volume: Box 275 American Protestant Almanac: NY: E. An Astronomical Diary, or, An Almanack: Boston, MA: D. Southwick and Co.: 1795: Box 49 Annuaire présenté au Roi, par le Bureau des Longitudes: Paris: Bachelier: 1842: Box 49 Annual: Troy, NY: C. Mac Arthur & Son: 1893: Box 499 Annual Connecticut Register, and United States Calendar: New London, Connecticut: Samuel Green: 1823 (2), 1825, 1826 (3): Duplicates of 317.46 C 75: Note: Another copy 1823 bound with copy 3 Connecticut Register and United States Calendar: Box 169 Annual Illustrated: [n.d.]: [n.p.]: 1881: Box 50 Annual Messenger, or Farmer's Almanack: Boston, MA: Sylvester T.

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Walker: 1846: Box 40 American Rowing Almanac and Oarsman's Pocket Companion: NY, NY: Engelhardt and Bruce: 1873: Box 40 American Temperance Almanac: Albany, NY: New York State Temperance Society: 1835: Box 501 American Temperance Almanac: Albany, NY: New York State Temperance Society; Packard & Van Benthuysen, Printers; Stereotyped by G. Loomis: 1835 (4): Box 41 American Temperance Almanac: NY, NY: Clinton Hall: L. Goss: 1820 (2) impf.: Box 50 Annual Visiter: and Citizen and Farmers Almanac: Wilmington, DE: James Wilson; M. Lockerman: 1808: 1425: Box 50 Annual Visitor; or Almanac: Baltimore, MD: Thomas, Andrews and Butler; W.

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