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Both parks are sort of natural water parks with big lagoons with snorkeling and beaches, and each has a lazy river ride (tubes or you can snorkel down them).Some of the lagoons have fish food you can use to attract fish.The Activities We rented mopeds one day and drove all up and down the town, experiencing Playacar (residential resort community just south of town) and a couple of the all-inclusive resorts (who let us tour the place), and the north beaches (nicer, plus more topless and more upscale beach chairs/beds, etc.). Basically, a beach club is a restaurant/bar that serves you food/drinks/alcohol AT your beach chair.Further, you can take any drink (in a cup) in the ocean with you.Because of the proximity of so many cool things to do, it allows groups of travelers to split up and do whatever the heck they want that day!With so many bars, restaurants and a couple of night clubs, it tends to cater to the younger single crowd, though many couples are also there.I recommend Tulum in the EARLY am, then hit one of the “ecological water parks” as they are official described. Speaking of Tulum, if you have time for a day trip or two on your trip, I highly recommend it.Tulum is a Mayan ruin that is both beautiful and interesting.

We found out about the place from a waiter at a restaurant. ) on the way to Santini’s and they joined us (they had come into town because their all inclusive was a bit lame on the night life).Try to get a guided tour or do what I do sometimes by following a tour and listening to their guide.Note that etiquette, as best I can tell, is to ask the guide if it’s ok if you tag along (like when he’s not talking, between stops)…and then a small tip (-10) is also appropriate to give in a discrete manner (also when he’s walking or between stops).The things about Playa Del Carmen (aka “Playa” or “PDC”) that I really like are: 90% of what you want to do is within ~4 blocks of your hotel; lots and LOTS of choices for beach clubs, restaurants, stores, spas, etc; the white sand beaches and clear turquoise water; the prices are pretty reasonable (at least by American Standards); parts of the town (mostly north) are trendy and a little upscale (but still reasonably priced) — sort of a “3rd world Chic” atmosphere — it’s a cute little town. I went this time with a couple of guys I work with (one of whom is an Aggie and friend of mine from TAMU). I’ve also been there 2-3 times on day trips from cruises or nearby resorts.

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The people that work at these places do try to get you to come into their joint, whatever it may be, but they tend to be both polite and comical about it, unlike some other places in Mexico I’ve been. like these people “want” you (in addition to your $$)! They range from the one guy with a guitar, to the trio, to the full 8-piece mariachi bands with horns dressed in white uniforms (those mostly on weekend nights).

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