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Make this a little more easy to follow.” But I described it as if Quentin Tarantino directed a sitcom. JR: Oh, no, I’ve got about five or ten more minutes. Um…the music for the show is awesome, and, clearly, the selections are the work of fierce music geeks… BE: I was going to ask…because, like, you used my favorite Replacements song (“Skyway”), you used a song from the first Fountains of Wayne album (“Sink to the Bottom”), you used a relatively obscure Roxy Music song (“Mother of Pearl”)... I think…there’s a songwriter that I love, in Brooklyn, named Jay May, and I want to get her hooked up, but I doubt if she actually follows television. We have an episode coming up, called “Lucky Penny,” that I’m flying to interview with these corporate guys for a new position in New York, but I have to fly to their corporate headquarters in Chicago…and Robin’s coming with me, and we’re about to miss the plane, and it turns out that I had a court date, and that’s why I missed the plane. JR: Yeah, actually, Barney Stinson is named after…isn’t he the (Replacements’) guitarist? JR: Yeah, Carter and Craig are actually huge Replacements (fans). But I gave the song to Craig, and he and the music supervisor want to use it, maybe for the season finale. BE: Do you ever hear from any of the artists who end up having their music play a key role in the show? And I think Craig and Carter had a fairly well-known musician call and say that he was a huge fan of the show, and that if he could ever do anything, if they ever wanted to use any of his music, that they could. BE: Did anyone ever hear from Moby after the “Not Moby” episode? BE: First, do you anticipate your voice changing to sound like Bob Saget’s anytime soon? JR: When they call you and you’re not expecting to have to be up for an hour, and they’re, like, “Can you come in now? One of the cool things was that, since we had to watch the Super Bowl the night after, we were kind of watching that episode in real time; we were watching the episode the night that we were trying to watch the Super Bowl! ” And so I think the people that are onto us feel like they’ve got a secret password or something to go into this really strange world…that’s really fun to be in! () I’m from Columbus, Ohio…and, obviously, they’re excited about the show there…and my friends – a married couple – I think it was after they saw “Slap Bet,” which I think is one of our strongest episodes from this season, for sure… () JR: …and they said, “You know, we turned to each other and said, ‘You know, we’re no longer watching this show because Josh is on it.’ We actually are fans of the show.” Which is great…because I think they’d watch any sucky TV show I was on. BE: Well, we don’t really have central offices, per se, but the majority of our operations take place in Ohio…and we have meetings at my editor’s house, in Columbus. And I was the first person they saw on the very first day of auditions, so it was just…you know, when you don’t get roles, it feels like all these doors are locked, and when you do, it’s like every door you walk through, the door is off the hinge. And I liked the fact that they were contemporary, that we’re the same age…and all of it felt right to me. They met with the director of programming, who’s a big fan, but it was just one of those things that…you know, obviously, they wrote that episode to be a perfect pairing with the Super Bowl. BE: So how did you get hooked up with the show in the first place? Um, “I have your Ted, his name’s Josh Radnor, but I don’t know if he’ll come in.” She actually said, “I have your Robin, she’s Cobie Smulders.” She just kind of picked the two of us. And I also kind of had this idea that the TV show I wanted to do was with people who had never had a hit show before, because I think that TV is so lightning in a bottle, and very few people can keep turning out hits…and I just got a sense that these guys were something great."It was a perfect moment." Ted and The Mother (finally)meet: Millioti revealed that her final scene on the show is the same scene she auditioned with during a screen test alongside Radnor a year prior, long before she realized what she was getting into."I don't think I had fully understood the scope of it until I finished binge-watching all the seasons," she said."It's surprising," Thomas said of the show, totally dodging the question that opened the panel."It's curve balls and really strange for a sitcom on Monday nights on TV.

Cobie and I had been together at the network and studio, and we were the first people cast, and I think then they cast Alyson.

JR: You know, I don’t think there was any agenda in that regard.

But I guess they just made a decision that “Criminal Minds” was kind of getting ready to bust into a bigger hit, and they just made the call. BE: You know, I actually travel to Columbus for our site’s editorial meetings. BE: Actually, I was going to ask if Jason Segel did a dance of joy when the series was renewed for a second season, because I’m a big fan of his single-season shows, like “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared.” JR: Yeah, so am I! BE: Well, this question kind of goes out the window, since you said you were hired on the first day of auditions, but I had been wondering if the producers had intentionally gone with – you’ll pardon the expression – lesser names for the roles of Ted and Robin, then used more familiar faces to fill out the ensemble.

Hannigan added that she has at least one more bedroom scene with Segel.

"Wow, this is the last time I'm going to be lying in bed with this bozo," she said.

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