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Above and beyond asserting the fact of creation in much the same way it did for Israel, the passage provides an important theological lesson.The believer enters into a life of Sabbath rest from works and embarks on a life of holiness in that rest. He then described what happened to the creation by recording significant events in the Garden of Eden, the murder of Abel, and the family of Cain.It reduced the destructive rays of the sun so that antediluvian man lived much longer, and it distributed heat more evenly over the surface of this planet. This canopy supposedly broke up when God sent the Flood (). For example, the Noahic Covenant overlaps the Mosaic Covenant, and the Davidic Covenant overlaps the Mosaic and New Covenants. The creation of woman -25 Adam's creation was not complete because he lacked a "helper" who corresponded to him.This is another of those theories that are impossible to prove or disprove conclusively. The "Tigris" and "Euphrates" are now in the area formerly called Babylonia (Iraq). The biblical covenants normally involved unconditional promises in which God obligated Himself to accomplish certain purposes despite human failure, though they may contain conditional elements. This deficiency led God to pronounce Adam's condition "not good." This follows the pattern of the triune God's own existence in which He is surrounded by His heavenly court.They would have hoped in Him to transform their national life from chaos, in a pagan chaotic environment (Egypt)to order and blessing, in an environment He would create for them (Canaan).God's superiority over the forces their pagan neighbors worshipped out of fear (gods of the darkness, the sun, moon, planets, and stars, the watery deep, etc.) would have strengthened their faith.I believe Genesis :3 is the big picture of creation, and the rest of chapter 2 retells the creation of man. Even though he was in God's image, man was a creature like other creatures God had made. "Eden" (meaning "delight," "pleasure," or perhaps "place of abundant waters") therefore appears to have been located in the general area of the Promised Land (vv. An exception is the Mosaic Covenant, in which the fulfillment of the promises contained in the covenant depended on Israel's obedience. Man should normally live in community, even as God does. It is not a demeaning term, since Scripture often uses it to describe God Himself (e.g., Ps. "The word help suggests that the man has governmental priority, but both sexes are mutually dependent on each other.

Obedience to His powerful Word, either the written Word, or the living Word, our Savior, will transform believers into His glorious image." Genesis tells us what became of the creation that God described in :3. No longer at rest, mankind experienced flight and fear, making his way in the world, surviving, and developing civilization.But the similarities between these sections argue for a common writer. ; ; ), as well as dedication in God's presence (cf. When man sinned he passed into a new state, one dominated by, and at the same time symbolized by death. "Before Adam and Eve fell into sin, God made a proposition to them that some have regarded as a covenant, as stated in Genesis -31 and -17.2:4 Having related the creation of the universe as we know it, God next inspired Moses to explain for his readers what became of it. "The destiny of the human creation is to live in God's world, with God's other creatures, on God's terms." The Hebrew word toledot occurs first in 2:4 where it introduces the next section of the book. It is likely that spiritual death and physical death are not being thought of as separate, so that the one involves the other." The Hebrew construction emphasizes the certainty of death, however it is defined. Because the phrase "in the day" in Hebrew is an idiom meaning "for certain" (cf. God gave Adam authority over the creatures of the world, commanded him to be fruitful, and gave him permission to eat from every green plant.D Scene 4 (narrative): The man and the woman are primary (3:6-8).C' Scene 5 (dialogue): God converses with the man and the woman (3:9-13). Note that He graciously gave him broad permission before changing this to narrow restriction. God's command also implies that He alone knows what is good and not good for man.

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"Though historical and scientific questions may be uppermost in our minds as we approach the text, it is doubtful whether they were in the writer's mind, and we should therefore be cautious about looking for answers to questions he was not concerned with.

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