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Highlights of this landmark legislation VAWA includes dozens of grant programs that fund thousands of programs.These various programs and the amounts of funding for each are detailed in the NNEDV’s annual Briefing Book.Starting in 2000, in response to large fluctuations in deposits, Congress placed a cap on funds available for distribution.These annual caps were intended to maintain the Fund as a stable source of support for future victim services. The text of the federal statute for VOCA is available here: FVPSA, first enacted in 1984, provides funding for core domestic violence services such as shelter and counseling.

Jen and Dave’s Law (Act 119 of 1996)Act 119 of 1996 established the nation’s first statewide, automated telephone system for providing criminal charge information for individuals involved in custody cases.While the new law makes the safety of the child a priority, it can be a difficult law to understand.For that reason, those involved in custody matters are encouraged to seek the advice of a lawyer or legal clinic so they can understand how the law might apply to their situations.It is the only federal funding source dedicated solely to domestic violence services and programs.The text of FVPSA is available here: The Address Confidentiality Program provides a secret and confidential address for a victim to use.

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