Dating a somoan man

I know, I know, it’s very discriminatory, but so too are the starting assumptions many of us brown guys begin with when deciding to date a palagi or a Samoan: that brown isn’t good enough, that it’s less hassle if you go out with a palagi, that dating a Samoan girl means your dating the whole family, that thick dark hair, brown skin, big lips and wide noses are not ‘attractive’ (even though we wake up to it every morning in the mirror).

Those are all discriminatory starting assumptions too.

and working have to friends in life my mum and dad coz thr always thr for me am fit with some I'm a kind hearten man and Humble with a good heart and with the values of human life because I'm member of the US Marine Engineer My friends and those close to me never have to question whether the words I say aream williams from armerica, am 35 years old, graduated and working as engineer, hopefull to get a lovely woman to get marry to, may God help us.A Samoan partner would most likely acknowledge that you’re never too old to look after your elderly parents. I know guys wanted to marry a palagi so they didn’t need to contribute to family faalavelave’s.I think it was a bit of brain-washing because I have married a beautiful Samoan Christian woman, everything I’ve dreamed of – or was that everything I’ve been conditioned to dream of? I’m privy to all the machoism blokey talk between the “boyz”. So I’m not basing it on prejudicial assumptions, but on my own experiences as a brown male.A Samoan partner would most likely know that a birthday celebration is never limited to siblings, but first cousins and second cousins. Blue eyed blonds was what we were told was ‘beautiful’.A Samoan partner would most likely open the family home to every cousin Sione and Sina visiting from overseas. Then there’s the whole “run away from my culture” argument.

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If Samoan guys truly approach dating woman not based on how “palagi” they are, then I will be willing to drop my assumptions.

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