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On the 4th of July, we went to a park and sat up on a hill.

We didn't actually go see the fireworks, but it was thundering and lightning outside, and he enjoyed just listening to the sounds.

Now, he only lived about 10 miles from me, but this was back in the day before there were cell phones, and we happened to live in a different time zone from each other.

So, he kept the call short, but asked me to come to his house the next day to play some music together.

We began dating, and became engaged in March of the next year.

Michael began experiencing severe pain in his muscles in various parts of his body beginning in 2003.

We went to the ER several times, and to family practitioners, who kept giving him pain medications, but didn't know what the cause of this was.

My first husband (who crossed over in 2005) was totally blind since birth.

We met at a church that we were attending, and I was the keyboard player.

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