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"Harmful matter" includes things that are obscene or pornographic in nature.

Thus, in many circumstances, encouraging a person, even a friend, who is under 18 to take a photo of themselves nude, or of body parts considered sexual in nature, with their cell phone or digital camera, violates this statute., to knowingly send out or disseminate pictures of a person under 18 (1) in a state of nudity (or semi-nudity) or (2) engaged in a sexual act.

Resources are available through this Office and other organizations to arm parents with information to protect their children and help prevent this behavior.

If we address these issues together, we can achieve the ultimate goals of keeping children safe and reducing their risk of exploitation both now and in the future.

In addition to the potential jail sentence and/or fine imposed by a Judge, a conviction for the offenses described above may require registration with the Sex Offender Registration Board for the next 20 years.

Furthermore, the court may order the forfeiture and destruction of the computer or digital devices used.

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