Hackers online dating

Online dating hackers are becoming much more sophisticated in the way they target and steal money victims' cash.

Cybercriminals are now asking their "dates" to install a custom-made smartphone app that installs malware and allows them to extract details for blackmail purposes, Global Dating Insights reports.

You'll get to see the exact spreadsheet Miguel used to track his 20 dates back in 2008. Miguel explains how we can also apply them to our dating experiment.

The techniques from The Game can be very effective but also dangerous in the wrong hands.

In the unlikely even you see yourself and want to be removed from the video, please let me know and I'll remove you asap.

It's time to create the perfect bait to attract the perfect candidate.

Miguel emphasizes the importance of always being yourself, not playing games, and working on what makes us most attractive.

Well, it is time for you to meet the winner of my experiment, my lovely wife Beth.

Also we go over several examples of real profiles where we identify what photos work which don't and what we can infer of the person's personality by looking at them.

A clear indication that people are not happy with themselves is when they don't portray who they really are online.

Turns our the 1 in 10 rule applies to many things in life, including online dating! We finally get to meet potential candidates in the real world.

In this section we will cover how to manage all our dates and how to maximize our chances of success.

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In this video I interview Beth about what she thought when she met me and this whole experiment.

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  1. Keep the conversation or the call short (sometimes and not always) so that he/she gets the feeling that you are busy and are not available for him/her always. If you act disinterested in a person then that person becomes more attracted towards you.

  2. To the teen who's in need of this type of attention or in need of love and acceptance, he/she may give in and do something he'll/she'll later regret. There's a special part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex (aka the CEO of the brain) that is responsible for problem solving, impulse control, and weighing out options.