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The datasource for the check box is an xml datasource, based on and XML file(just for easy dynamic changes). Thanks, Yes that shows how to bind to datasources which I konw how to do.How do I bind the selected values of the check box list, to my strongly typed dataset for storage in my database? This only allows you to bind to the first value in a Check Box List.How to databind object datasource to textbox without formview I've looked all over for an answer to my question, but I can't seem to get what I'm looking for. Form View and Object Data Source Order of Events Greetings All, I have a formview that is using an objectdatasource with paging and is acting oddly.

Right now it flashes for a postback, but the page does not update. Hello, to set the Style - Attribute of my custom controls tag in source view from within its designer i use now the following code: Behavior.Selected Value and the Country Name i.e ddl Country. Hi The Learned One, I did try to handle the onupdating event and change the e.Input Paramterts but what ever i do its not allowing to change the parameters. Though its a work around and the only way to solve the issue I accept your solution to be better than my own way.Entity : City Entity DAO : City DAO The Issue: In the edit mode the country is changed to a dropdownlist. Thank You Madhu Menon I don't use the Object Data Source much, but I do believe that it might be possible to use parameters with the Update Command: Object Data Source.I change the country and click the update button/link to save the changes. Update Method The Learned One, Thank for your comment and response.

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