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Ma admitted to the relationship due to tabloids depicting Wu negatively in the press.

The two became close while collaborating in "Strictly Come Dancing" and dated for less than a year.

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Kenneth Ma Kwok-ming (born 13 February 1974) is a Hong Kong Canadian actor. His father, who worked as a mechanical engineer, would travel back and forth between Hong Kong and Vancouver for work.

In the beginning his career at TVB was often playing supporting roles as extras, passers-by and fill ins.

One of Ma's early roles was playing the giant cockroach Sui Kung in Dayo Wong's music video "Blue Sky".

Ma's role in The Hippocratic Crush, earned him awards both from Malaysia (Most Favorite Leading Actor) and Hong Kong (Most Favorite Male Character).

In 2013 after starring in Triumph in the Skies II, Ma caught the eye of international star Jackie Chan and was invited to star in the romantic comedy Fate Is a Game.

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