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I had thought about her every now and then, wondering where she was and what she was up to. I am instantly transported back to high school, when we first became friends and our relationship blossomed.After listening to this song, our entire relationship began to play back in my mind, just like it was yesterday. She has long been dating someone else, and appears to be happy, but of course I am left with the remorse and wonderment of how things might have been.Thank you Dan Fogelberg for beautifully putting into words what a lot of us feel. I was 20 years old when I first heard this song, it was the middle of November, and here in Minnesota, it was cold - nearly Christmas time.I listened intently while it was playing on the radio - never having heard it before. Some years ago, I dated a girl who, at the time, seemed to be the love of my life, but being young and wanting "freedom," broke it off. As some of you have noted, the line, "just for a moment, I was back at school," resonated with you, it particularly hit home for me.

This is true for him because of the way he felt as he "watched her drive away" and his sadness watching the snow turning into rain.I wouldn't trade my life or husband or kids, but somehow this song just exposes a deep longing that can never be satisfied, the unresolved “what if” regarding the road not taken, and the wonder “does he ever think of me? Remember, he had to put enough rhyming words together to come up with a complete song so there should be some poetic deference given to 'exact' meanings.IMO I feel that Dan still loved this girl and probably would have liked to see where things could go, but after talking, he/maybe they realized that life was in the way and it wasn't going to happen. First, she was obviously pleasantly surprised to see him with eyes flying open and giving him a hug.Fogelberg's wonderful words and phrases and make them our own.It is the way we relate to all poetry and "Same Old Lang Syne" is certainly poetry. Two times in my life I managed to "reach beyond the emptiness" and reconnect with former loves.

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