Women dating douche bags

It's a phrase that has been said so repeatedly that it has become, possibly, the most well known of clichés.

No other dating website can offer that kind of commitment.This leads to a simple statistical inevitability, that eventually one girl will accept his advances.With all the nice guys firmly planting their wallflower roots on the sideline, the douchebags are having a free for all, which also has the added effect of creating an alternate cliche, "all guys are assholes," because the only guys in the game are the douches, leaving the non-assholes effectively out of the equation.All Woman are Desperate for 'Love'If you aren't a female you can't possibly fathom how obsessed they are with the notion of finding "the one." I, of course, am not a female so even my observations come up short of quantifying this desire.If you are a single man, you general don't garner much attention, in fact, in many cases you become a sort of hero to those men who have been trapped by the confines of a relationship.

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