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The next day, Ricky is surprised that Amy isn't in a hurry to marry, but is content with just being engaged until she feels the time is right for them to marry.Later in the season, Amy thinks she is pregnant again and becomes very moody.

The plot focuses on the character of Amy Juergens after becoming accidentally pregnant at band camp.

Amy is surprised, since she assumed that her mother would stay home and look after the baby, as she had with her daughters.

As a result, Amy and Ben get married using fake IDs, but they learn afterwards that the marriage was void since they were both underage.

Three months later, Amy moves herself and John into Ricky's little apartment over the butcher shop where he works.

Amy decides she wants to marry Ricky, but he thinks she's moving too fast.

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The show features a regular cast of characters, which began with eleven people in its first season.

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