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(13) Typical sexual development is the result of numerous genes, and mutation in any of these genes can result in partial or complete failure of sex differentiation.These include mutations or structural anomalies of the SRY region on the Y chromosome resulting in XY gonadal dysgenesis, XX males, or XY females; defects of androgen biosynthesis or androgen receptors, and others.(11) However, it is likely that there are other sex determining genes involved in phenotypic sex.(12) The DNA sequence of the human X chromosome and male-specific region of the Y chromosome have recently been published, enabling further research into sex-specific genes.(5) When a Y chromosome is present, early embryonic testes develop around the 10th week of pregnancy.

(6) There are a number of cultures, for example, in which greater gender diversity exists and sex and gender are not always neatly divided along binary lines such as male and female or homosexual and heterosexual.He’s back, turning the movie into a Vin Diesel film, which is a genre unto itself. Even the incredible Toni Collette turns up for crying out loud (she’s fantastic).With this cast, Xander Cage is the least interesting person on-screen.The charismatic Rose brings the sex appeal, delivering snarky one-liners and sniping bad guys, and her presence is refreshing.But “x Xx’s” negotiations of gender and sexuality are complicated at best.

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