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"I was made to drink water from the toilet and eat whatever is pushed into it. Showing some medical reports, Subbalaxmi said she was informed that she had some disease and therefore would not be allowed out of the room.I am being starved and I may die," Subbalaxmi said. In the video that was shot by fellow labourers on the sly, Subbalaxmi gave out the numbers of the illegal agents who sent her from Kadapa to Saudi Arabia.The police has not acted on the compliant my family has given against the agents," Subbalaxmi said.In the heart-rending video which has gone viral, Subbalaxmi has a haphazard appearance and looks completely traumatized.

At present, the green cover in the state is at 26 percent and the idea is to improve that by 2029. I urge 5 crore people to take part in this programme. Join us to turn Andhra Pradesh into Haritha Andhra Pradesh The idea is to make the programme a success with the active participation of the people, rather than just another government programme.Back to India, and “can pregnant women have sex” was in the top 10 questions four times, just phrased in different ways such as “do sex” and simply “sex”.Having sex was one of the top concerns in Britain too, along with avoiding stretch marks and losing weight.HYDERABAD: A 35-year old Kadapa woman has been locked up in a room without proper food or water for the last four months in Saudi Arabia.In a 13-minute video in which she is continuously weeping, Subbalaxmi has explained her ordeal.

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