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They contain SPF to prevent burning and photoaging, antioxidants to fight free radicals, and ingredients like caffeine to make skin look energized and firm.Day creams are usually designed to be worn under cosmetics, so they have light, nongreasy formulas that are absorbed quickly and allow pores to breathe.Interestingly, the preference for a low waist-hip-ratio (WHR) is not purely sexual.When studies have asked participants to rate female bodies on attractiveness, both heterosexual women and homosexual men mostly mirror their heterosexual male counterparts in identifying a low WHR as attractive, even when they are divergent in how they rate other physical features.(, Shiseido Benefiance Nutri Perfect Night Cream; .50, Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins) Why Use Both?There is a real difference—purposewise and texturewise—between night creams and day creams.Indeed, in both males and females, a low WHR does correlate reasonably well with cardiovascular health and longevity, while a high WHR puts us at greater risk for diabetes and even autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Nevertheless, the attractiveness of a low WHR has held up in many cross-cultural studies (though it is definitely not universal among individuals anywhere).

They provide a smooth, oil-free canvas for foundation to glide on smoothly.

Although some boast of anti-aging properties, daytime moisturizers are often light on compounds like alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids because these compounds have a tendency to make skin more sensitive to the sun.

All of this speaks to some kind of ingrained preference or instinct, but why would that be?

Most theories have focused on WHR as an indicator of health and fertility.

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