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At the start of 2014, the dictionary featured over seven million definitions, while 2,000 new daily entries were being added.In November 2014, the Advertise page of the website states that, on a monthly basis, Urban Dictionary averages 72 million impressions and 18 million unique readers.

Fetty went so far as to dedicate a track (now current favorite song) on his debut album to the act.Animals will often do the same in an attempt to avoid a physical conflict. "scowl" is similar, but includes scrunching up your forehead ("furrowed brow") Also there is the phrase "give [someone] the evil eye", which has a slight connotation of witchcraft, like putting a "hex" (bad luck) on your opponent.People often use starring in order to intimidate others. According to Rich Po Slim of Awful Records, to “juug” is to “blatantly get over” on someone.To “finesse,” he says, “is getting over without anyone knowing in the present or the near future.” The differentiating factor, then, would be deception.

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All signs point to Atlanta with regard to the regional origins of the word “juug.” The Atlanta rapper Yung Ralph is also known as Juug Man (as referenced by Young Thug on his song “Stoner”: , about Atlanta hustlers, released in 2015.

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