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Almost at the start, however, I detected sundry obvious misprintsin one of the many forms in which this edition is issued, and anexamination of others showed that they were as bad in their way.

There are obvious misprints in thefirst edition which Scott himself overlooked (see on ii. 527, etc.), and it is sometimes difficult to decidewhether a later reading--a change of a plural to a singular, orlike trivial variation--is a misprint or the author's correctionof an earlier misprint. ''T is no base weed--no planted tree, Nor a seedling of last Autumn; Nor a sapling planted at Beltain;[FN#7] Wide, wide around were spread its lofty branches-- But the topmost bough is lowly laid!

The text of the poem has given me unexpected trouble. 73:"Thus fade thy helps, and thus thy cumbers spring;" and Sir John Harrington, Epigrams, i.

Formerly Head Master of the High School, Cambridge, Mass. Osgood's beautiful illustrated edition of The Lady of the Lake, I asked him to let me use some of the cutsin a cheaper annotated edition for school and household use; andthe present volume is the result.

Back limped, with slow and crippled pace, The sulky leaders of the chase; Close to their master's side they pressed, With drooping tail and humbled crest; But still the dingle's hollow throat Prolonged the swelling bugle-note.

The owlets started from their dream, The eagles answered with their scream, Round and around the sounds were cast, Till echo seemed an answering blast; And on the Hunter tried his way, To join some comrades of the day, Yet often paused, so strange the road, So wondrous were the scenes it showed. The western waves of ebbing day Rolled o'er the glen their level way; Each purple peak, each flinty spire, Was bathed in floods of living fire.

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