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We pulled into the driveway and—we just knew before we even walked through the gate.”“We loved it so much we bought it furnished,” De Generes says. Seriously.”In this case changing her environment also entailed purchasing two neighboring properties, replacing one with a pond and several dozen carob, pear, and oak trees.Which is not to suggest she didn’t have big plans for it.“Five or six? When it came to the 9,500-square-foot main house and its two guest cottages, De Generes wanted to make the rooms “a little less uniform and formal.” So it is that the very first thing one notices upon entering the house is a Ping-Pong table.The living room, in its current rendition, is equally eclectic. dealers and designers—among them Tommy and Kathleen Clements, Cliff Fong, and Harrison Holman—to help her cherry-pick furniture, objects, and art for the house.A Roman bust gazes past a graphic painting by Mark Grotjahn, Louis XVI bergères mingle with slipcovered sofas, and a Jean Prouvé jib lamp casts light on one of the African masks De Generes has collected. Some pieces are museum-quality, some are deeply personal, and some are both.That would be one for every year they’ve been together.And they don’t appear to be losing momentum: The couple has been toying with the idea of putting the house on the market.

The following year, Ellen made it clear she and Portia had no plans to add to their family.

No question the property would make for an extraordinary listing.

Built by the renowned architects Buff & Hensman for actor Laurence Harvey, the single-story residence has been inhabited over the years by actor Joan Collins and, most recently, cocreator Max Mutchnick.

"I ran into Ellen at a photo shoot and she took my breath away.

That had never happened to me in my life, where I saw somebody and [experienced] all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry. They officially started dating after attending show in December 2004.

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