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The effects are just what the medieval architects were often aiming at, but which they never attained so perfectly as was done at Halebid."If we marvel at the laborious piety that could carve eighteen hundred feet of frieze in the Halebid temple, and could portray in them two thousand elephants each different from all the rest, what shall we say of the patience and courage that could undertake to cut a complete temple out of the solid rock?

But this was a common achievement of the Hindu artisans.

Ellora's Kailasantha cave temple remains one of the true "wonders" of the world of art and a unique monument to Hindu devotion.

says: "the carving on some of the pillars, and of the lintels and architraves of the doors, is quite beyond description.

Art pervades every facet of Indian life, is found on every byway of Indian Civilization.

Like the microcosmic universe of a Hindu temple, they help us to climb from terrestrial trails and samsaric fears.To understand it at all, we must understand experience common to all men of the time and place in which a given work was produced.This is true of the Vedas, as well as the marvelous Kailas excavations; equally true of Mohenjadaro, about five thousand years ago. Its continued vitality, its astonishing range - specially in the field of painting, sculpture, and architecture, no less than the lasting sense of beauty and power it conveys, has placed the artistic heritage among the major cultural legacies of the world.George Bernard Shaw regarded her the "greatest woman public speaker of her time." Was a prominent leader of India's freedom movement, member of the Indian National Congress, and of the Theosophical Society.She has said, "Indian Art is a blossom of the tree of the Divine wisdom, full of suggestions from worlds invisible, striving to express the ineffable, and it can never be understood merely by the emotional and the intellectual; only in the light of the Spirit can its inner significance be glimpsed." The record is broken and incomplete, not because India ever rested, but because war and the idol-smashing ecstasies of Moslems destroyed uncounted masterpieces of building and statuary, and poverty neglected the preservation of others.

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