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I came here over a year ago, I loved the inclusivenes and openness.The term “unitarian” was popularized in late 1680's England as a less pejorative and more descriptive term than “Socinian”for Christians who hold God to be identical to one and only one divine self, the Father.Further, ; which, when stood in, is of all others the most brutal and inexcusable: and not to discern it, is not to be a Man.But we would not, say they, trouble our selves at the Non-sense of this Doctrine, if it did not impose false Gods on us; by advancing Two to be Gods, who are not so: and rob also the One true God of the Honour due to him, and of which he is jealous.

I love coming here because the people are so nice and welcoming. It was like when you are dating and finally date that one person that feels like part of you.

Had it been God's will for us to worship or pray to Christ, such would have been explicitly commanded somewhere in scripture. Therefore, it is not God's will for us to worship or pray to Christ.

Socinus made a stand on passages such as “let all the angels of God worship [Christ]” (Hebrews 1:6), defending worship and prayer to Christ as permissible but not required for salvation.

It is argued that Christ is a man who did not pre-exist his miraculous conception in Mary, though he's denied to be a “mere” man, but affirmed to be the unique Son of God, the Messiah, worthy of worship and a proper recipient of prayer (Crellius, et al. Worship of and prayer to Christ had been a bone of contention earlier; Socinus famously debated the Hungarian unitarian Ferenc Dávid (a.k.a. 1510–79) on this point, the latter vehemently denying the appropriateness of worshiping or praying to any being but God.

Dávid later argued that worship and prayer to Christ are as inappropriate and ungrounded in scripture as the Catholic cults of Mary and the saints.

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(Nye 1691b, 9, original emphases) , Christ is a unique servant of God and the messiah, possessing a human nature only.

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