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WCPO decided not to include officer names for a couple of reasons.

Because the records vary in their detail, it’s not always possible to tell whether charges against officers were sustained.

That allows users to see – for the first time – how the region’s police agencies compare to each other when it comes to enforcing departmental standards.

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CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Police Officer Michael Roetting played a practical joke on a co-worker in December 2014, leading to a 13-page report in April from the department’s internal affairs unit.

These underlying records show how local departments are actively policing their own in ways that aren’t obvious to the public. Here’s one objective measure: Our database includes most of the bad behavior that Hamilton County prosecutors have documented in the last three years on a “Brady list.” That’s a public record that tracks convictions or disciplinary actions that could impair the credibility of a police officer as a trial witness. Supreme Court case that requires disclosure of this kind of evidence.

Hamilton County maintains the list because of Brady vs. Ten of the 36 officers on Hamilton County’s Brady list are there for behaviors that happened before 2013.

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