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It is reality that human nature is not basically good.But since the French Enlightenment, the Left has affirmed that people are basically good.And, of course they are free and no registration is needed.

It is reality that the higher the minimum wage, the fewer new workers will be hired. (In 1987, when the It is reality that “Islam” means “submit,” but this meaning conflicts with left-wing wishful thinking that all cultures are morally equal. But this is too painful for feminists and other leftists.

A documentary is a fact-based (non-fictional) film that describes certain aspects of reality.

Usually, this kind of film does not employ professional actors, with the notable exception within the genre “Docu-Drama”.

We guess the answer: something, what does not really exist, what cannot be touched.

Or a bit more specific: something, what will be created by a computer, and displayed on a screen in 3D (and that is why 3D is there).

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He may also be lying to himself — after all, he, too, may have gone to college or reads liberal opinion pieces on misogyny, and he wants to be an “enlightened” male. One is that leftism is a religion (a secular one), and therefore it has dogmas that supersede truth.

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