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Barry is killed the same year while watching Helen from atop a balcony, where he is repeatedly slashed by Ben's hook, with his body later placed in ice.

In the novel, Barry is an arrogant, abusing womanizer, who is dating Helen Shivers, despite feeling no real affection for her.

Julie Nicole James is a central character in both I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt. In the second film, Ben had set up her, Karla and Tyrell, with the help of his son, Will.

In the end of the second film, she is hooked by Ben Willis (who is under the bed) and dragged under the bed.She screams and tries to get help, but no one believes her. Then the fisherman lures the policeman into an alley and kills him.Helen then escapes and runs to where Elsa is working.She was one of Julie's best friends and was Barry's longtime girlfriend during High School, but the two of them break up sometime after graduating.One year after the incident, Helen's trip to New York City failed, thus she had no choice but to work for her sister's department store.

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She comes from a large, and financially struggling family, and suffers verbal abuse from her bitter older sister, Elsa. Collingsworth Wilson chases her into her bathroom, where she falls from a second-story window, but recovers.

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