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Multi-stream Cable CARDs (M-Cards) support up to six content streams, but this doesn’t help users of the Ceton Infini TV 4 Digital Cable Quad-tuner Card or the Moxi 3-Tuner DVR, and it wouldn’t be good news for the pending Ti Vo Premiere Elite 4-tuner DVR, for users with Switched Digital Video and tuning adapters that limit them to two streams. Even though M-Cards support six streams, tuning adapters first shipped with support for only two.

A while back Motorola updated their tuning adapter firmware to support six streams, but Cisco has been dragging their feet.

If you try and do this via the setup program you will be told that the firmware is older than you are currently running and it won’t let you change it.

Fortunately there is a work around, actually a couple of them that you can use to revert back to the older firmware.

At this point what you would do is find the firmware version you wish to go back to. It should show yo as changing to the same firmware version as you already are running.

This is what you want, if there is a new firmware update that comes out you will be automatically notified and you won’t have to change that file just to upgrade to it.

It in no way should be considered as a recommended fix.

FOr example say you have a Sling Box Pro you would use a file such as Sb Pb Pro Fw V1_3_80Hw V1_0_3 If it has Solo or AV or Pro HD in the name then that file would be for that particular box.

If you have the Windows Slingplayer already unstalled on your computer you will need to uninstall it and then install this older version.

The older version will install in your \Program Files\Sling Media\Slingplayer folder.

Older Sling Player programs for Windows will allow you to install a firmware version older that the one you may have installed.

You can get one of the older versions that will allow you to do so here.

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