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"You know, you almost look like..." His eyes suddenly went wide as his face turned red.

"You don't happen to know where the nearest phone is, do you? " he said, that familiar sarcasm creeping into his voice. "I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean, sir." "Jack, look around you! I'm sure they can help you." "Uhh, thanks." said Patricia, pushing on Jack to move on. " "No, we're just passing through." she said hurriedly. " "Last time I checked, yes." she said, getting annoyed.

The cars were all old, like they were in one of those nostalgia movies.

"You do realize that this will go in my report." "Go right ahead, Patty. CHAPTER 2: TERRA INCOGNITA The world swam back into focus. "A Foreign Land" is the fruit of that infusion of the heart. She started dodging between the loose cables and equipment that littered the floor. "I need you to keep a close watch on this." She made her way towards his voice. You watch these numbers, and you call for help if they go out of range. Just once, it would be nice to work somewhere with a sense of fiscal responsibility. I hope you like it, because I don't know when the inspiration will strike again! "Patty" was such a demeaning bastardization of the name. There was at least a hundred thousand worth of gear lying about just waiting to get stepped on and broken. If this one goes below 5 or over 40, the whole place goes boom, so don't slack off! " she called, catching a glimpse of him as he went around the other side of the machine. If she had her way, her first step would be to fire Jack Kline! One false step would probably bring the whole thing crashing down on their heads. Jack was lying on the ground, unscrewing a metal plate. " "Mr Kline, do you have any idea how much platinum costs? "Now if you'll excuse me, some of us have work to do." He turned around and strode casually towards an intern who was waving his hands wildly. Wires sprouted from it in every direction, clipped onto exposed connectors here and there.

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It took a full hour to reach the first of the tall buildings.

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