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The thing we didn’t like about item upgrades previously was that it created these rather brutal decisions where you were essentially betting against yourself, or having to offload large sums of Valor to keep from capping.

If you just got a belt, but next week you’re going up against a Heroic boss that drops a best-in-slot belt for you, you might bet that you’ll get that belt and so you’d wait to upgrade it.

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As you’re probably aware we introduced a new system in 5.1 which allowed you to upgrade some gear a few items levels at a time by paying with the Pv E (Valor/Justice) and Pv P (Conquest/Honor) currencies.

It’s also good that Valor always has a use; it’s a currency we always want to be valuable regardless of where you are in progression.

But that’s complicated by the issue of being Valor capped and needing to spend some.

So you dump Valor on upgrading a different slot and just hope you don’t replace that one instead.

We’re still probably going to allow the Season 12 items that had previous upgradability to remain upgradable, as noted in the bullets above, but it’s not something we’re absolutely certain about at this moment. Because gearing in Pv P is based almost entirely on currency purchases, Conquest and Honor already always have a use, and we ask players to amass a lot of them to continue gearing.

Honestly it was fairly unanimous that balancing the means of gear acquisition against upgrades just didn’t make good sense, at least with the current systems.

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