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Life for the Kaws between 1825 and the Mission Creek Treaty of 1846 was anything but easy.

Whiskey merchants on the Santa Fe Trail exploited the Kaw annuity fund through sharp trading practices, while the bison supply on the plains diminished dramatically and little progress was made in agriculture.

Here, dating to the late 19th century, were located the tribal council house, the old Washungah town site, and the tribal cemetery.

As a special concession to Chief White Plume’s vigorous support of the treaty, 640-acre plots along the Kansas River just east of the new reservation were granted in fee-simple to all 23 half-bloods of the Kaw tribe.

The rest of the tribe received no such benevolence, and factionalism was thereby greatly encouraged.

Finally, on May 27, 1872, in a measure strongly opposed by Chief Allegawaho and most of his people, a federal act was passed providing for the removal of the Wind People from Kansas to a 100,137-acre site in present-day northern Kay County, Oklahoma, which was carved out of former Osage land and for which the Kaws eventually paid ,000, mostly from the sale of their trust lands in Kansas.

Allotment With the enactment of the Kaw Allotment Act of July 1, 1902, the legal obliteration of the Kaw tribe was accomplished.

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