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People take there dogs to La Mosca only because they see others doing it.Why not ask at the town hall, auntamiento, Playa Flamenca that would be better than getting mixed answers. Some replies are incredibly hostile considering oil spillages and yachts (that have toilets on board, they regularly discharge at sea!Can you please tell me which bus and where do i get it from? I have to add that the coach from Alicante airport to Torrevieja is fantastic.Thanks New2You for 2nd hand furniture - bought and sold.Would you think approaching 70 is too old to think about making the move.We do not speak Spanish although I have managed to learn a few words, we have enough French to make ourselves understood.

Hi again, To those of you resident in Spain with dogs, what, if any beaches will we be able to walk our dog on?

Take this bus to either La Zenia Boulevard or Orhuila Costa Town Hall.

The driver will tell you when you have reached there It cost about 1.35 euros.

) hey ho, You can't please all the people all the time.... Not sure where El Cura beach is but have just bought a small property in San Louis and it is great there.

Use to also live in Devon - enjoy yourself and if you are near the area look me up.

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At La Zenia or Orhuila Costa town hall the Blue Line Bus stops there that will take you to Villa Martin. It sounds a bit fiddly but you are in the sunshine and there is a small bar and tapas at the bus station while you wait. The drivers are used to tourists and I have always found them very helpful..

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