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Perched on her bed in her cozy light blue room in Santa Barbara, Emily makes a quick back and forth motion with her thumb, showing me how rapidly she flicks through profiles on the Tinder app, giving each user a two-second evaluation at most.

When two users mutually swipe right on each other’s photographs, “it’s a match!Rebecca is your typical tech-savvy twentysomething. She’s quick to Facebook, shares her life on Instagram, and swipes through her favorite app, Tinder, on a daily basis.“I downloaded it because I was curious—I just wanted to know what it was like and who from my hometown was using it,” said Rebecca.Emily shares she that enjoys conversing with her matches on Tinder because everything is on her “own terms”–she can wait as long as she wishes to respond, she can control exactly what she says, she can get advice from others, and she can edit her messages to perfection before she presses the send button.Emily tells me about one conversation with another Tinder user, in which she and the young man created puns out of popular Netflix movie titles.

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