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This undated photo shows Marty at the producer's desk in the pre-computer era, as evidenced by the so-called "Christmas Tree" on the right, which held wire copy of the currently working stories.

s president of the New York Press Club, I had the honor of inducting my WCBS Newsradio 880 colleague, Irene Cornell, into the New York Journalism Hall of Fame.

He was still young, of course, but it was his life's dream to work at Newsradio 88.

I remember his outstanding writing and editing skills, naturally, as well as his professionalism.

It happened October 29, 2016, at the New York Press Club Foundation Conference on Journalism at New York University.

Irene has covered many of the biggest court trials of the past 50 years..OJ to Gotti [New York mob figure].

After one of the station's nattily-dressed salesmen strutted through the newsroom with an air of disdain, Dick would switch into self-assured mode and confidently stride across the room with a fake smile and firmly shake my hand: "Hi, Dick Spencer, Sales." One night, he came to visit me at another station where I worked part-time as a producer (we made far below union scale at 'EEI and many of us had second and third jobs).

The other station was #1 in the market, and its offices and studios had the fancy decor, equipment and accoutrements to match its ratings.

It hasn't stopped there, the lake has been receiving tremendous amounts of water lately to fill the lake above its natural rim level. Jerry Brown would forbid courts from taking licenses from people just because they can't pay their fines.

Rules for tenders in the next contest were implemented to bring wind and solar growth under control after capacity outpaced the German grid’s ability to absorb new flows of power and burdened consumers with higher costs. Bush’s letter was meant to congratulate Trump for being named “Man of the Year” by the Police Athletic League of New York.

The auctions will test whether Europe’s industrial engine, which still produces mo Back in May of 1989, President George H. It was right in the middle of the Central Park Jogger case, and an early draft of the letter seems to hint at how obnoxious Trump could be.

So far this year, there have been 40 times more high priced events in renewable-scarce Queensland this year than in wind-rich South Australia.

Germany’s pioneering turn toward clean energy is approaching another milestone with a new round of auctions for wind power expected to push the price of electricity from renewables to record lows.

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The following morning when I showed up at the grey, shabby, rundown 'EEI newsroom to relieve him on the desk, he had taped hand-drawn pictures of plants and artwork above the folders and cart racks.

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