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Includes free downloads of Tibetan fonts that can be used to write in Tibetan on the internet.

They also have small art exhibits of Tibetan thanka paintings and Tibetan masks with detailed explanations. The catalogues and updates of this Tibetan-language book distributor offer a convenient way to search for new publications released in the PRC.

There are links to sites about Tibetan art, theater, music, the flag, human rights, the language, literature, politics, religion, and travel and tourism. The articles range in subject matter from political and human rights issues to general articles on Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan culture.

Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library is based in New York City and contains collections of books, magazines, photographs, maps, audio-visual materials and more.

Project of Shin Buddhist Comprehensive Research Institute, and published by Ōtani Daigaku (Kyoto).

a rich resource offering top-quality scans of 2700 documents from the TAR Archives.

Also includes database for China statistical yearbooks. The World Tibet Network News Archive has 15,000 articles on Tibet dating back to 1992 on a searchable database.

Includes databases, online forums, general information, software, maps and images, and electronic newsletters and news. One can also access the archive by looking at all articles posted for a particular month.

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Through the 1991 printed version, the BAS included citations to Western-language periodical articles, monographs, chapters in edited volumes, conference proceedings, anthologies, and Festschriften, etc. Especially good for discovering articles in the Tibet Journal or in journals that cover Asia, China, India, or Buddhist Studies more generally. See also Century Journal Project database, covering articles prior to 1994, as well as full-text databases for dissertations and core newspapers.

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