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The sight of her sweet rounded breasts, and although I couldn't see it clearly, what I imagined must be her soft juicy sex organ, had its effect on me; I felt a tingling sensation in my groin and I started to get an erection.Afraid that at any moment she might open her eyes and see me I started to back quietly out.I was completely naked, legs spread wide and fingers in my bits and nowhere to hide. We're close and he just walks into my room, and I was at it. We don't care all that much, it's like 'You're at it again, sorry' and walk out LOL.

She gave up and burying her face in the cushion at the end of the divan she now began to sob pitifully.

I listened to the sound for about half a minute, and then decided I'd better go in search of its source because it did sound as if someone might be hurt.

As I moved about the house I tried to locate the source of the noise and I was finally led to the lounge.

At first I wasn't sure if it was inside or outside the house; it was a sort of whimpering sobbing sound. It might have been some child out in the street crying because it had hurt itself, but somehow it seemed closer than that, right there in the house, but who would make such a strange noise?

When I'd entered the house I thought no one was home.

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