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I’m sure he feels the love from millions of people.” Among those sending their love were Ronald Perelman, a stockholder in Revlon and Marlo Thomas, the national outreach director for St. “We will hope and pray for a good outcome, which I believe that they will have.” Despite the well wishes and doctors “Haven’t Met You Yet” singer has surrounded himself and his family with, Foster said he “will not sing again until his child is well. Bublé canceled his performance at the BBC Music Awards on Dec.

Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, according to Foster. 12, just days after revealing his 3-year-old son’s cancer diagnosis to the public.

“Getting so many big stars together for one night was almost insurmountable [in terms of] the amount of work my manager and I had to do to pull it off,” Foster recalls.

“But it was just an amazing night — kind of like my funeral while I was alive.” In addition to prepping for the tour and the relaunch of the concert special, Foster is writing music for the upcoming Betty Boop musical.

This time I feel compelled to point out that there is not insta love in this book. There is insta connection but she is not in love with him the moment she meets him. I just don't get why some readers are so offended that Ryn's connection to this boy is what sets her off on her journey. I'm also a realist, a romantic and like I said, a mother. Now maybe some of these people who are calling me out on this have never experienced this kind of connection and if that's the case then okay, cool, your interpretation makes sense.

Yes, Ryn's curiosity about Ezra and the feelings she has for him (which she WOULD NEVER CALL LOVE IN THE BEGINNING) are the catalyst that starts her asking questions she probably should have asked earlier. I've been a teenager and I have a teenager and I've done a lot of stupid shit for a boy. I ran off with a boy to go on a ski trip after three hours of knowing him when I was 17. BUT if you've ever done something crazy and impulsive because you had intense feelings for someone you didn't know all that well....

And while the hitmaker can’t promise a Taylor Swift-style tour that includes a difference guest appearance each night, Foster hopes to bring out some of the big names.

“I won’t be able to do that,” he says referring to Swift’s 1989 tour, “but I might be able to give a surprise or two.” RELATED VIDEO: David Foster’s Daughter Calls Katharine Mc Phee ‘Amazing’ After Pair Spotted Walking Arm-in-Arm .

It’ll include some never-before-seen footage, such as the exclusive clip with Dion, above.

So, you write a book with this, with them, in mind. You get a very lovely big, fat book deal with an editor who adores your book and you are very happy. And you assume that your book will be in the YA section because it's so TOTALLY YA.

It doesn't occur to you that it will be in the adult sci fi section because it's sci fi for sure, but sci fi for teens (and adults who love YA, like yourself).

It's like that sore tooth that you keep pushing because it still hurts when you apply pressure but it also feels kind of good?

Anyhow, my last blog post was about how I found it frustrating that my book was being labeled dystopian. It's a type of genre called Crypto-Historical but that's a blog post for another day. It happens when we're young and naive and hopeful and haven't yet been punched in the proverbial gut by love yet. I needed someone to get in Ryn's face early on in this story and be like "don't you see how totally ridiculous it is that you have this job?! Spoilery things that actually are happening with her that sets this up in a way that makes sense.

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We really, really like her, and we’ve known her for a really long time. since 2010, will kick off his Hitman Tour in Palm Desert, California in March, PEOPLE reveals exclusively. If the producer has it his way, the fresh faces will blow up like protégés Michael Bublé and Josh Groban, the latter of whom Foster put on stage in 1999 after coming across his mixtape.

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