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The whole thing is meant to recreate the experience of flight as realistically as possible by engaging your whole body.After several prototypes and two years of testing, is now commercially available.In addition to your VR headset, you’ll also need an extreme biking app to accompany your morning workout. – MTB Freeride is a challenging downhill cycling game currently in development, but which promises to bring great excitement to VR biking.You can currently download their alpha version, which works on PC and Mac, and which integrates well with the Ebove.Short of hopping on a flight simulator, the video arcade was once as close as you could come to the feeling of piloting a jet without actually being in a plane. With the right hardware and an Oculus Rift, you can now experience life-like flight combat experiences that are far more sophisticated and immersive than any arcade flight simulator ever was. You’ll want to download War Thunder for free if you don’t already have it.There are, of course, several ways to go about this – there are several VR flight simulation apps out there– but we’ll outline just one of them. War Thunder is great for VR flight because it natively supports the Oculus Rift.

Rather, users simulate flight posture, lying on a padded, cross-shaped apparatus while wearing the headset.

And From Epic Games, this shooter game pits you against thugs who would wreak their havoc at the train station.

Be the vigilante that’s been hiding within, playing within an ultra-realistic urban setting. Well, makes them only too real when you integrate it with the Oculus Rift.

But when we reached out to the people at SOMNIACS to ask how we could procure our own flying machine, they told us they were completely sold out for the moment, although they expected to enhance their serial manufacturing process to be able to reach more clients.

In other words, if you want to own your own installations have been going around the world, making flight available to the general public at venues like the different Swiss consulates, or even the Sundance Film Festival.

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