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Gwyneth Paltrow Paltrow alleges that Weinstein made an advance on her when she was 22, just before she began shooting the movie that after a meeting in his hotel suite, Weinstein put a hand on her leg and suggested they go to the bedroom for massages.

Paltrow said she refused and left but later told her then boyfriend, Brad Pitt.

In the room, de Caunes alleges Weinstein went to the bathroom, then emerged naked with an erection and instructed her to lay down on the bed.

She was able to leave the room but told that Weinstein propositioned her for sex in the mid-1990s at a hotel while his then wife, Eve Chilton, was staying in the room next door.

It happened all the time when I modeled and it happened all through my twenties in the film business.

For us it was something you weren’t supposed to make a big deal out of; it was sadly our normal."Dawn Dunning According to the account she gave to actress Dunning expected to attend a dinner with Weinstein in 2003.

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During one, he called her and asked her about her sexual orientation and sexual partners, and at a later unspecified date, he seemingly propositioned her and another unidentified woman for sex."I was so hesitant about speaking out....

According to that in 2010, Weinstein asked her to lunch after they had met at a party.

Weinstein reportedly lured de Caunes up to his hotel room under the guise of showing her a book he was turning into a movie.

“This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.”Angie Everhart Actress Angie Everhart alleges that Weinstein masturbated in front of her during the Venice Film Festival.

The incident reportedly took place while Everhart was staying on the same boat as the producer.

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