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service Pirate Bay was taken down today following a raid in Sweden by police who seized servers and computers.The Pirate Bay portal went down Tuesday morning after Swedish police raided a server room in Stockholm over alleged copyright violations.It's unknown if the raid and takedown were instigated by the distribution of those Sony files.Despite the previous convictions, Pirate Bay has managed to forge ahead without its founders, catering to millions of daily users.Since you are passing the u Torrent port test, it sounds like you did the exceptions in the Linksys and your firewall properly, at least for TCP. I'm guessing that's normal, but in case it's not, that is what happened. The 0.0k Bs is your current upload rate and 134B is the total uploaded this session (obviously you saw that just after re-opening). Highlight each of the active torrents and check the Tracker tab at the bottom and see what it says about DHT.There should also be a "D" with the same type of display for download speed and session total. What other type of security software do you use besides the Windows firewall?DHT stands for Distributed Hash Table and it helps you to find seeds and peers on a torrent without the use of a tracker.

offline (timed out) offline (timed out) udp:// invalid URL udp:// invalid URL udp:// invalid URL connection closed by peer Next to each of the url's there is either a running counter or it says "updating". Also, I noticed the following error under the Logger tab: [2009-11-07 ] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied. That usually results from Windows firewall being disabled and the option in u Torrent to set an exception in Windows firewall being enabled. Check at Options Connection and make sure the Add Windows firewall exception is enabled.When I tested it in the u Torrent port test thing, it indicated that the port was successfully opened.I also made sure to add u Torrent to the exceptions list in Windows Firewall. I am using a laptop with a wireless connection from a Linksys router.Some of the guides there are out of date though, so that may be the issue. S/Ok, I shut down u Torrent, went to the file and deleted dht (DAT file) and old. In case this means anything significant, on the bottom right it says this: "U: 0.0 k B/s T: 134 B".When you forwarded the port through the Linksys, did you set a rule for both TCP and UDP? Before DHT, which is relatively new, only TCP had to be forwarded for u Torrent to work properly and some of the guides only have you forward TCP. Also, I noticed that when I started u Torrent the dht file reappeared and when I closed it again the old file reappeared.

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Today's raid comes after a number of recent events have occurred around the service, putting it in the spotlight once again.

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