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It uses GPS technology to determine your exact coordinates and instantly shows you photos of the guys around you." Or as I first saw it, Grindr tells me which guys in my immediate vicinity might be looking to hook up.

Or, like me, you can publish your headless torso so your exes or, say, men who live across the street can't tell you're cruising the airwaves for something other than them.

Thus Grindr sticks to the basics: It tells you what guys are looking for, and where.

I was flying from Los Angeles to New York for Christmas using Virgin America's wifi network when I decided to give the app a try."Slut," the message popped up from someone named "Artsy Fartsy" as soon as I activated the app."Excuse me? He sent me his face pic and I saw that it was my friend Troy, one of my Grindr "contacts" awaiting my arrival at JFK. " and "OMG I'm obsessed"—I noticed that the lineup of men's pictures were arranged based on who was closest to me.

It sounds shallow, but as I was quickly learning, being a few feet from someone isn't always a good thing.

For a product that's been on the market for under a year, the number of urban legends surrounding Grindr is impressive.

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