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In modern dating, seduction has gone digital as dating apps become ubiquitous.Many of you use Google to research a prospect before you’ve even had a first date (just admit it).To get an ‘A’ for effort, demonstrate you’ve taken time to acquaint yourself with the writer’s previous work. When trying to seduce someone, it’s important that you’re not overbearing.The person you’re interested in could share that interest initially, but be turned off by a barrage of texts or phone calls.Quick Definition: A psychological technique where simple questions designed to elicit a “yes” or positive response are asked in sequence with increasing commitment, which, in turn, gains increasing compliance from someone.

It’s rare that public relations practitioners actually do their research so it’s easy to stand out. If appropriate, give a compliment on their work for bonus points!Typically the women and men who capture our hearts nail their first introduction. The same goes for a journalist’s first impression of you.Often times this is via an email inbox, so make sure your message is spell-checked and formatted correctly.Don’t pitch a journalist a story that has nothing to do with their beat.In fact, if you do your research well, you’ll find that journalists often operate in a specific niche within a beat.

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