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— this does give me hope for a new-and-improved Countess for season 10.

Most of Lu Ann’s season 9 storyline came from her relationship with Tom, which many of the housewives disapproved of due to the string of infidelity rumors that plagued the longtime bachelor. About the pinot grigio fan’s instance on finding proof Tom cheated. It basically took up an entire episode had a New York-set post-party.

Although we all now know the controversial couple’s marriage is currently over, we’re still living in the past when it comes to season 9, which concluded Wednesday night on Bravo.

Namely, we're living in early March 2016, as Instagram photos prove.

The cognitive dissonance between Lu Ann’s real-life and the televised, five-months-old version gets even worse when the former countess and Tom arrive at Tinsley Mortimer’s "Thank You, Sonja" party. D’Agostino has a surprisingly cordial conversation with Dorinda Medley and Bethenny Frankel where everyone heaps praise on the new marriage.

When an unseen friend wants Tom’s "side of the story" about the mysterious encounter, he becomes red-faced and starts laughing uncomfortably. I’ve got to unplug this," he says, turning off his mic to tell his tale.Whatever happened the last time Tom and Missy got together, it’s apparently so suspect, the Bravo team can never hear it.While everything about Lu Ann’s relationship in the finale falls somewhere between uncomfortable to cringeworthy — Tom, why are you so inconsiderate towards your wife?It’s clear the implied statement in here is, "Tom and I are actually compatible on the court and off.Unlike some people." Now that we now both Ramona and Lu Ann’s relationships didn’t work out, this kind of unnecessary, and seemingly unprompted, dragging of the Singers looks all the more petty, especially considering the surprise attack Ramona suffered earlier this season over her divorce.

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Hopefully he is staying away from Real Housewives of New York cast members this time. Either way, the man has been super shady and acting very single for a while.

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