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The argument for relaxing the cultural tradition of exclusivity can be articulated in schematic form as follows: Some partners are convinced that they can provide everything the other person needs. It is not just that your partner cannot do your job for you or ensure that you eat properly all the time. Once the newness of the relationships subsides, sexual arousal inevitably will fluctuate.Occasionally you may be in the mood for sex but other days you just want to turn in early with a book and a cup of hot tea.If you are great together in every other respect, it may be worth considering opening up your relationship, allowing the more adventurous person or both people to experience BDSM outside the relationship, which will prevent you from having to modify some of your basic sexual preferences and sexual likes and dislikes.In order for open relationships to work, almost everyone needs to implement rules in order to maintain and reinforce the basic commitment between the two main partners.Not everyone wants to know whether their partner is committing an act of infidelity.There can be comfort in suppressing evidence of infidelity and pretending that your partner is faithful.But as witnessed by gloomy statistics, even those who cannot come to a reasonable agreement about what it means to see other people or who never have had that sort of relationship on their agenda are not always monogamous.

“Opening up” means that you can date or have sex with other people—and in some cases both—while still being in a committed romantic relationship.Consider the following fictive example: you and your partner are nearly fantastic together outside of the bedroom and even sometimes inside the bedroom. In the past you acquired some real taste for BDSM, being submissive is a turn-on for you.Your partner, however, has no interest in BDSM, or he or she also has a strong preference for being sexually submissive.We're all wired to deal with emotions differently, no one is 100 percent immune to jealousy, and those who pursue more open forms of romantic attachment are unfortunately just as human and vulnerable as those who go the paired off route.People in open relationships may manage to put a damper on their jealous feelings by considering the main reason in favor of opening up.

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